Signs You Might Need A New Air Conditioner

If your old AC unit is on its last legs, you’re probably considering a new air conditioner.

But when can your old AC unit be repaired, and when is it too late to save it?

Here are the key signs you need to look out for that tell you it’s time for a new air conditioner.

1. Smells in Your Home

As a first step when you notice any odd smell from your AC, change the air filters. You should do this regularly, not just when you notice a smell. If you don’t keep the unit clean, it can really stink – it’s scientifically proven!

If you do this often, but the smell remains, there may be something wrong with your unit’s ability to dehumidify the air and remove mold and mildew.

This can lead to mold problems within your home, so it’s important you get that new AC installed as soon as you can. It can also be quite difficult to get rid of these smells once they’ve established themselves.

2. There’s Not Enough Cool Air

A lack of cold air is a sure sign that either your AC needs to be serviced, or that it’s on its last legs.

It might blow warm air, or it just may not blow much at all.

Either way, this is a clear sign you need repairs or a new installation.

3. Weird Sounds

It’s not only weird smells you need to be aware of.

If there are odd scratching and clunking sounds coming from your AC, or if it’s noisier than normal, this is a common sign it’s wearing out.

They tend to get noisier as they age, and this can also be a sign that certain parts need attention, or need to be replaced.

4. Poor Airflow

Your air conditioner might be blowing out air very slowly, and the flow of air might also start and stop.

This is another key sign that an aging unit is finally giving up. It can’t produce the pressure required to keep up with demand.

From time to time, it might suddenly speed up and start blasting air at a high speed. This variation is a sign that there’s a pressure imbalance within the system.

Often, this can be fixed, but sometimes a new air conditioner is the only viable solution.

5. Your Utility Bills are Shooting Up

As air conditioning units get older, they become less efficient at cooling your home.

This means that they use more electricity, which in turn increases your energy bills.

So if you notice your energy bills creeping up in the summer, this could be the reason. It’s easier to spot this during the warmer months of the year since you’ll probably be using less electricity for heating or lighting.

If You Think You Need a New Air Conditioner

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