Have you scheduled Spring maintenance for your heating, ventilation & air conditioning (HVAC) system yet?  You might balk at this task, but it’s more important than you think.  No matter how new or how expensive your system is or what the manufacturer promises, a complicated piece of equipment is subject to breakdowns and necessary repairs.  Regular maintenance helps to reduce the incidence of repairs while maintaining the manufacturer’s warranty.

Benefits of Regularly Scheduled HVAC Maintenance

What should you expect from your newly tuned-up HVAC system?  Is maintenance necessary and worth the cost?  Some of the benefits of regular maintenance are immediate while others prevent problems from developing.  Some of the more prominent benefits include:

·         Lower Energy Bills – You may assume that since your furnace or air conditioner is working without any problem that everything is fine.  However, have you checked your energy bill lately?  Poorly maintained equipment will quickly lose its ability to keep your home comfortable as efficiently as it once did.

·         Fewer Repairs – Do you hear an odd sound or notice an odor coming from your furnace?  Scheduling a tune-up right away could help catch problems before they become significant—and expensive.  As systems age and parts begin to wear down, the chance for a breakdown increases.  And as we all know, those breakdowns seem to always happen on the coldest winter night or the hottest summer day.  The odds of this happening can be greatly reduced when you perform regular maintenance.

·         Longer Equipment Life – All HVAC equipment functions best when regularly serviced and cleaned.  One malfunctioning part can start a domino effect that causes your entire system to fail.  Regular maintenance prevents this from happening and adds years to your equipment’s lifespan.

·         Safer Equipment Operation – Not only does a failing HVAC system cost a lot of money to repair, it can endanger your family.  For example, if the furnace develops a cracked heat exchanger, carbon monoxide can escape into the air you breathe in your home.  Clearly, the safety of your family is just one more reason to schedule HVAC system maintenance.

·         Maintain Manufacturer’s Warranty – Imagine that you never change the oil in your car; how likely do you think it is that the manufacturer’s warranty would cover the resulting damage to your engine?  Many newer HVAC systems carry up to a 10-year warranty on parts, but without maintenance records, this warranty could be voided.

Regularly scheduled HVAC maintenance is an investment.  It’s an investment in your system, your comfort and your safety.  For most homeowners, purchasing an HVAC system is the single largest expense for their home.  Advanced Services has preventative maintenance programs available to meet your needs and protect your HVAC equipment.  We currently serve thousands of area residents and would love the opportunity to serve you.  For more information on preventative maintenance programs, contact Advanced Services Heating & Cooling at 740-773-4499.