Carrier air conditioners represent years of design, development and testing with one goal in mind - making you more comfortable.  We have taken the lead in creating new technologies that deliver the comfort and efficiency you deserve while staying ahead of industry trends and global initiatives.

All year long, humidity affects the temperature at which you feel most comfortable.  That's why Carrier Ideal Humidity System technology plays such an important role in your comfort.  When you add the Carrier controls, humidifier and variable-speed furnace or fan coil, Ideal Humidity System technology allows you to control humidity levels even when your system isn't actively heating or cooling.  You'll feel cooler at higher temperatures in the summer and warmer at lower temperatures in the winter.

Puron refrigerant is environmentally sound and won't deplete the ozone layer.  Carrier systems with Puron refrigerant set the standard for environmentally sound air conditioner and heat pump performance well ahead of industry competitors.  Today, Carrier air conditioners and heat pumps using Puron refrigerant show exceptional reliability and are a testament to our industry leadership.